Saturday, December 12, 2009

We have scissors

Thursday evening I was doing what a lot of people were - wrapping and packing Christmas presents to ship to relatives. After I chased all the cats out of the boxes and started putting things away, I found three pairs of scissors on the table. I had taken out one pair for the wrapping paper, another pair for the shipping labels, and the third pair for the packing tape. We have scissors!

The next night, the three of us were at a restaurant and talking about the projects we had going on. I was planning to make a Christmas tree made from wooden rings, ribbon and beads, Tyler wanted to paint a bicycle frame with chalkboard paint, and Jim was looking for a place to upload some photos to support an automotive tutorial he wrote a while back. I told Jim that a blog would be the perfect place to upload the photos to, and then it came to all of us: we could share a blog for our projects.

Here it is.

And here are our scissors.

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